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Couch Wine

It's time to relax

Have a peaceful end to your day.

Slow down and have a moment to yourself. Put on your favourite music, read a good book or take a relaxing bath – we have the perfect wine for every quiet moment.

The right wine

Wellness Factor

Wellness Factor

How about a matching face mask for your wellness evening with wine?


Grapes contain valuable anti-aging substances that you can make use of.

Wash the grapes thoroughly, chop them and process them into a pulp. This paste is then applied thickly to the face, avoiding the area around the eyes. After about 15-20 minutes exposure time, the grape pulp is then carefully washed off again.


Green organic grapes5 oz
Red organic grapes5 oz
Small bowl
Sharp knife
Hand blender


The grape pulp is relatively runny and easily drips! It is therefore best to find a quiet place and let the mask take effect while lying down.