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Amarone Angelo Divino Riserva


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The incredibly concentrated, raisin-like aromas and flavours in the wine come from late harvesting of the grapes in October, and leaving them to dry out, traditionally on straw mats, for several months. This lends the wine a rich, ruby red colour and gives a warm fragrance of intense fruit notes including cherry, red currants and chocolate. Rich in substance, well-structured, full-bodied and at the same time soft, elegant and perfectly balanced, this wine is truly exceptional and any wine lover will be won over upon the first sip. We are very proud of being able to offer this premium wine to our customers individually wrapped in silk paper and packed in wooden boxes of six.

Do you have questions about this wine?

A Pieroth wine consultant can advise you in detail about this product. Contact

Do you have questions about this wine?

A Pieroth wine consultant can advise you in detail about this product.

Red wine

Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella

Savoury & Full Bodied



Amarone Angelo Divino Riserva

Do you have any questions about this wine?

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Rich in substance, full-bodied and at the same time soft, elegant and perfectly balanced

About this wine from

Veneto, Italy

Amarone was created as a further development of Recioto, one of the oldest wines of Italian viticultural and winemaking history. In the 4th century A.D., Cassiodorus – one of the king’s ministers – described, in a letter, a wine obtained by a special grape drying technique. However, the name Amarone has only existed for about half a century; before that, fully fermented wines from dried grapes were rather the exception since the process for obtaining an Amarone is very elaborate and expensive and it wasn’t until 2010 that Amarone della Valpolicella was awarded the denomination of origin DOCG. This winery was established in 1960 by the brothers Pietro Carlo and Tiziano Giuliari, 15 km to the east of Verona, in Illasi, in the middle of DOCG Valpolicella. From the outside, the winery presents itself as very inconspicuous and unpretentious – like its owners – and without any great fuss. The brothers Giuliari talk rather humbly and modestly about the wines leaving their cellars, however their wines are true masterpieces and regularly receive numerous awards and prizes. In memory of the divine angel and founder of Fratelli Giuliari, the family dedicated the best wine from the 2016 vintage ( the finest of the last 30 years) to Pietro Carlo L’ Angelo DiVino – an Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva – produced in a small, limited quantity of only 6,800 bottles, with every single one individually numbered.

Food matching

Wine and Food pairings

Recommendations are pasta with hearty meat sauces (e.g. lasagne al forno), juicy grilled beef steaks, game (wild boar, venison) and mushroom dishes, especially with porcini mushrooms, or ripe hard cheeses.

The details at a glance





Alcohol ABV

16% vol

Residual Sugar

13,8 g/l


5,6 g/l

Serving temperature

room temperature

Aging Potential

Unopened high aging potential


contains sulfites


0,75 L

Food Pairing

Charcuterie, Cheese platter, Pasta, Steak, Wild game

Amarone Angelo Divino Riserva