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This amazing wine, like our Bor Forras, is produced from late-harvested Blaufränkisch grapes which are full of natural grape sugars and undergo only a short maceration period (skins and juice together during fermentation), resulting in a soft red with very low tannins. This grape variety is a direct relative of the Pinot Noir and Gamay and was first documented in the 18th century in Austria. It needs a warm environment to fully mature, and the continental climate of the Kunság wine region is perfect for this.

Do you have questions about this wine?

A Pieroth wine consultant can advise you in detail about this product. Contact

Do you have questions about this wine?

A Pieroth wine consultant can advise you in detail about this product.

Red wine


Smooth & Mellow




Do you have any questions about this wine?

A Pieroth wine consultant will be happy to help you find the right wine.

The Mundana is a smooth, rich red wine packed with soft fruit flavours

About this wine from

Hajós-Baja, Hungary

Kunság is a historical, ethnographic and geographical region in Hungary which was the result of a second and final Cuman colonization of the area. Tradition dates its emergence to 1279, when Ladislaus IV, a half-Cuman King of Hungary, granted its first set of fiscal and judicial privileges. Wine has been produce here for many centuries and in recent years many of Hungary’s finest wines have originated in the numerous artisan vineyards of Kunság.

Food matching

Wine and Food pairings

Try it served chilled on a summers evening with fruit desserts and soft cheeses or as an accompaniment to spicy food.

About the winemaker

Bor Forrás

Hungary is blessed with the best geographical conditions for viticulture: thanks to the continental climate with dry, hot summers and many hours of sunshine, Hungarian grapes ripen perfectly and develop an outstanding aroma fullness! Experience the best-kept secret of ancient wine-growing culture. Hungarian wines are on the upswing. Wine experts all over the world are familiar with them. Taste remarkable quality for a fair price.

The details at a glance



Alcohol ABV

10% vol

Residual Sugar

66.7 g/l


4.4 g/l

Serving temperature

slightly cooled

Aging Potential

Enjoy young


contains sulfites


0,75 L

Food Pairing

Fruit, Mild cheeses, Seasoned dishes, Sweet dessert